On An Overgrown Path

Arrangement for chamber ensemble
Arrangement for solo guitar

Janacek's music - terse, vivid, dramatic - is unforgetable. Once you "get " it, it "gets" you - under your skin, haunting, indelible.

What I found in On An Overgrown Path was the music of Janacek's youth (at 50!) before his work was recognized as the world's treasure, not just that of his native land. Subtle melodic and rhythmic patterns taken from the Czech language haunt the 10 movements of the cycle. The spirit of this haunting is love itself, an erotic intensity that illuminates the memory of Our Evenings, whirls the Faded Leaf, calls one last Good Night and yet remains - urgent, plaintive, insistent - like the Little Owl alone in the woods by the overgrown path that leads to the abandoned cottage. Not just an arrangement then - an homage to a passionate master.

Recorded on GRICD 005 "Enchanted Dawn" Benjamim Verdery, guitar.