Just Time

Just Time, was commissioned by the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival. The title is, in part, an extrapolation from the concept of Just Intonation -- the ratios of small whole numbers (1:2, 2:3, 3:4, etc) that characterize the relationship of pitches in the harmonic series. Just Time uses polyrhythms, particularly ones whose sums are eleven (5:6, 7:4, 8:3). The French Horn often plays the pitches of the harmonic series in the manner of the older "natural" horn, an instrument without valves. The French Horn emphasizes particularly the seventh and eleventh partials, both of which are "out of tune" with the standard tempered tuning of the remaining players. Just Time muses about the priority of Time over Space (perhaps there is no Space, just Time) and the yearning toward a utopian time to come - a time of justice, a just time. These program notes, however, are words, constituent elements of meaning in language. Just Time is just music.

The first performance took place on Friday, July 19, 1985, at the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival. The work was premiered by the Taft Quintet: Evelien Hoogstraten, flute; Lorraine Dorsey, oboe, English horn, Karl Zipser, clarinet, bass clarinet; Erik Ludwig, bassoon; and Lisa Yeago, horn.

Recorded on Artifact Music ART-007 Inside the Dance of Rain by 5th Species.

Recorded on New World Records 80413-2 The New York Woodwind Quintet