Joaquin is Dreaming (Joaquin Soñando) 2008

1. Joaquin Imagines a Part of His History (Joaquin Imaginarse una Parte de su Historia)
2. Joaquin Foresees a Future (Joaquin Preve un Futuro)
3. Joaquin is Sleeping, Joaquin is Dreaming (Joaquin Durmiente, Joaquin Soñando)

By Martin Bresnick

Commissioned by Benjamin Verdery and dedicated to Benjamin Verdery and Joaquin Bresnick-Arrias

Joaquin Bresnick-Arias, my grandson, was born on June 3, 2007, in New Haven, Connecticut. The child of Johanna Bresnick and Dimitry Arias, his wonderfully complex human inheritance (American, Ecuadorean, Jewish, Catholic, Russian, German, Spanish, native South American and more) inspired me to reflect in a musical way on this joyful new person and his intricate place in a brave new world.

Joaquin is Dreaming is dedicated to my friend and colleague Ben Verdery, commissioner of this work. His impassioned musical artistry has been a consistent and stirring inspiration to me. I am deeply grateful to him.