Martin Bresnick has had a distinguished career as a composer of concert music: symphonic works performed by the Chicago Symphony, the San Francisco Symphony and the Rome Radio Orchestra, among many others. His chamber music has been played in festivals all over the world and recorded on many labels.

Martin's music for film, too, has been widely recognized and honored, especially in the field of serious documentaries. He received his first Academy Award nomination for Arthur & Lillie, a short documentary he worked on with Jon Else.

His work attracted even greater notice (and another Academy Award nomination) when he scored Jon Else's remarkable feature length documentary "The Day After Trinity". That film, screened throughout the world, has been considered one of the greatest documentaries of the 20th century. Among the many citations and awards the film received was a special prize from the Sundance Film Festival.

Since then Martin has collaborated with Beth Ferris (Next Year Country), Jan Nascimbene (The Mediterranean, a dramatic feature) The Center for Visual History, Voices & Visions, Jill Janows (WCW: William Carlos Williams) Richard Rogers (Man Made Out Of Words: Wallace Stevens).

In recent years, he composed for the Cadillac Desert series consisting of four feature length films created for the PBS Prime Time program. The films include: Mulhollands' Dream, An American Nile, The Mercy of Nature, (with Jon Else) and The Last Oasis (with Linda Harrar).

In December 2002, Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (Michael Schwarz, Director), a two hour film about the life of Muhammad and how it has affected the lives of American muslims, was premiered on PBS.

Working with gifted students (all young professionals) at the Yale School of Music where he has taught since 1981, Martin Bresnick has been able to provide music that sounds rich and nuanced at relatively low production costs. All scores are recorded digitally at Yale's venerable and acoustically beautiful Sprague Hall. This is real music for real instruments - lovingly created and recorded to meet the highest standards in contemporary film music.