Bread & Salt

Bread & Salt was commissioned by the Yale School of Music, Frank Tirro, Dean, to celebrate the restoration of the building at 435 College Street for use as the home of the Yale School of Music. Bread & Salt is dedicated to the consecration of that house.

The premiere at the dedication concert on May 6, 1984, included the Yale School of Music Contemporary Ensemble, Arthur Weisberg, conductor, and the following players: Donna Conaty, oboe; Caesar Storlazzi, oboe, English horn; Michael Gohman, clarinet; Del Hungerford, clarinet, bass clarinet; Dwight Andrews, soprano Saxophone; Andrew Grenci, alto, baritone saxophones; Tracy Turner, French horn; James Mosher, French horn; Shannon Peet, bassoon; Michael Breaux, bassoon; Caryl Paisner, violoncello; James Andrews, contrabass.